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Philly Hot Asana was built on a foundation of healing.


Founder Janielle Lucas was a Junior Olympic gymnast for 15 years and because of her rigorous training, has suffered through countless surgeries. Janielle has practiced yoga for many years but only saw a significant change when she started incorporating heat into her practice. After Janielle’s first session in a properly heated yoga studio, she felt immediate and long lasting effects. The ability to practice yoga in the proper heat changed her body. 


Philly Hot Asana transforms the healing power of yoga by using a heating system specifically made for Hot Yoga. At our studio you’ll find new levels of healing, strength, and peace alongside a close knit, nurturing community of like-minded yogis across the city of Philadelphia.


Stacey Skilton

Stacey has been practicing and studying yoga for over a decade. She has been teaching yoga for 16 years and in 2011 started SSP Yoga. Stacey has over 900 hours of yoga training, with an emphasis on the Universal Principles of Alignment and Philosophy. Stacey is our Vinyasa Specialist for Jasana Virtual Hot Yoga. Her classes are taught from a deep heart center with a focus on alignment, so that students can benefit from both the physical and spiritual effects yoga can offer. She uses humor to infuse a light hearted energy, while encouraging students to deepen their asana practice in a safe and creative environment. Stacey’s passion for yoga is felt in the way she inspires students to explore their own unique spirit both on and off the mat.Stacey also uses these techniques in her Pilates mat classes. Doing something a little unexpected keeps her classes fast paced and fun. She allows students to challenge themselves while maintaining correct alignment. She also teaches pilates reformer and wunda chair.

To schedule a class or private lesson with Stacey, please email her at:

Leo Eisenstein

Leo has been cultivating his yoga practice for more than 20 years. He has been a certified Bikram Yoga method teacher for more than 15 years and was one of Janielle’s very first teachers.  The catalyst to Leo’s facilitation with Bikram yoga began when it helped him slim down from 408 pounds to 195; he was immediately hooked. After practicing for many years, Leo has developed a keen appreciation for all benefits of yoga...body, mind and spirit. Leo believes keeping it simple is best; thinking technique, stillness and breath (the 3 aspects of a yoga asana) are a basic roadmap to success.  His wit and humor as well as his knowledge of yoga history and techniques make Leo’s class a must take.


To schedule a class or private lesson with Leo, please email him at:

Chalise Saunders

Chalise began her yoga journey at the age of 12 as a recommendation from her doctor to treat her scoliosis. She practiced at home to some yoga videos for years until she found her way to her first hot yoga studio. While she didn't enjoy her first class, she decided to come back because of how good she felt immediately afterwards. After two years of a consistent practice, she decided to become a teacher so she could share this beautiful practice with the world. She believes that yoga is for everybody, so she seeks to learn all that she can about the many types of yoga. She is certified in the 26/2 series, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. 

To schedule a class or private lesson with Chalise, please email her at:

Rob Cancel

Rob has completed a 200HR Hot Yoga Certification with Yoga Alliance through Synergy Yoga with Hot Yoga Philadelphia as well as a 200HR Vinyasa Certification with Yoga Alliance through Dhyana Yoga.


Rob discovered yoga as a college elective in 2004 and continued practicing in Philly in 2005. His life changed for the better when he discovered hot yoga back around 2011. He is grateful to be a part of this loving and vibrant community. After years of practice, he finally had the chance to take it to the next level and get certified as a teacher. He is very excited to continue learning, growing and sharing his love for yoga.


Rob’s classes are thoughtful, positive, and educational.


To schedule a class or private lesson with Rob, please email him at: or on Instagram at: cxlyoga

Toni Rosenwald

Toni is a compassionate, avid yogini and a master HIIT instructor. She is an experienced yoga enthusiast that has taught yoga and hot pilates all over the country and around the world. In 2019, Toni developed her own format of a yoga class called VulgarYogi® Pilates, which is a high impact training system using a combination of HIIT, power yoga, and pilates that burns fat quickly and creates lean muscle in the fastest way possible. In early 2018, she took a pilgrimage to India to study and immerse herself in Ayurvedic punchakarma treatment, enabling Toni to use herself as an example for students and to bring awareness to the effectiveness of alternative, holistic health. 


From people struggling with obesity and lack of flexibility, to college and professional level athletes who train regularly, Toni provides a dynamic, fun and wide range of strength-building exercises designed to get her students’ blood pumping and keep their minds in check. Outside of yoga and fitness, Toni is passionate about alternative medical treatment for mental health. She also loves art, modeling, fitness, and traveling.


To schedule a class or private lesson with Toni email her at or visit her website at WWW.VULGARYOGI.COM.


Instagram: @vulgaryogi @vulgarpilates

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